Durith, a city built within a mountain of granite. Dwarves have claimed that Durith is an impenetrable fortress, the pinacle of Dwarved cities. Even during the Construct Wars, Durith itself was never invaded and even today, no enemy has set foot within the walls of the fortress city. 

The city itself is divided into three sections: The High Quarter, The Forge, and the Burrows.

  • The High Quarter houses most of the prominent Dwarven Clans, most public buildings, schools, temples, and weathlier merchants.
  • The Forge houses the industrial section of the city. Gemcutters, miners, stonecarvers, and smiths practice their art here. Farmers and foragers tend their underground fields here as well. If there are animals within the walls of Durith, they can be found here, as well as most of the merchants.  
  • The Burrows house is the residential section of Durith. Most of the less prominent Clans and single members of most clans reside here. A lot of the military is posted here, ready to engage any sort of foriegn threat. Travelers must enter thru the Burrows. 



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