Cog Caverns

Population: Metroplis (25,000+ people live here)




The Cog Caverns is one of two cities in Nemora large enough to be considered a metroplis. Originally a collection of small underground Gnome cities in the northern caves, the cities each grew large enough that eventually the borders of the cities began to overlap each other.  

Cog Caverns is the most technologically advanced city in Nemora and perhaps all of Kuranthia before the plague. It is the only city to have access to the steam and combustion engine, possesses a large construct army, utilizes the assembly line method, and the gun. 

While Cog Caverns is a power house with its economy and technology, the city generates a large amount of pollution. Some of the more nature friendly races (such as the Elves, Shifters, and Lizardfolk), resent the Gnomes for this but have talking over terms for a more eco-friendly environment. There have been some extremists, most notably the Druids of the Grey Vale, that have openly attacked the city for its disregards to the environment. 

Government: Cog Caverns have a constitution that was established long before most other governments were enstated in Nemora. The Gnomes, being a race of efficiency, have revised the constitution several times in attempts to create a stable yet speedy government. The Gnomes have a democratic society and probably the most effective one in Nemora. 

The government structure is as follows: There is a Governor, an elected official, who has a single term of 6 years in office. If there is enough public support, he may run up to 2 more terms, each of 6 years. A Governor will usually have a group of advisors and the amount will range from 6 to about 9 advisors. 

Military: Gnomes, in general, prefer not to fight on the open battlefield. As a result, Gnomes have developed an army of almost entirely constructs, known as the Clockwork Army. Gnome mages, marksmen, and rogues still enlist in the military to maintain the constructs, pick off enemies from afar, and scout enemy positions but it is extremely rare to see a Gnome fight in the front lines. 

Inhabitants: Cog Caverns is mostly inhabitated by Gnomes but there is a fair number of Dwarves, Goliaths, Half-Elves, and Humans. It is rare but Shifters and Half-Orcs will make an appearance. Poisondusk Lizardfolk are basically nonexistant within the borders of Cog Caverns. Other races can be found with varying degrees of success. 

Relations: Cog Caverns and most other regions are more or less neutral, except with 2 regions. The Gnomes are trade allies with most of cities but not close allies. 

Durith and Cog Caverns were engaged in the Construct Wars about a decade ago. The Gnomes devasted Durith and ever since Durith has been an inconvience for the Gnomes at every turn. The other city of note is Harrax, which Cog Caverns is close allies with. The alliance started from trade but quickly grew to a more committed alliance. 

Cog Caverns

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