Bitter Horizon Cabal

Population: 375 Illumians

Type: Eclipse Cabal

Imports: None Exports: None

A secret fortress where the last of the Illumians on Kuranthia reside. There were once hundreds of cabals that littered Kuranthia but the plague changed all of that.

Each cabal's location is onlu known to Illumians. It is one of the many tools they utilize to pursue their task; protecting a page from the Ritual Words.

Most of Nemora is aware that there is a cabal within the region but none have located it or at least made the location public. Each cabal is rumored to have a plane gate directly to Elirhonds, capital of the Illumians on the Plane of Shadow.   

Government: The Cabal is run by the Black Table, nine of the wisest and most experienced Illumians within the Cabal. Each member holds a position at the table for life. When one dies, the remaining members must agree by vote as to who will replace the deceased. 


Bitter Horizon Cabal

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